Finding Hope in the Wilderness of Addiction

"Grace is God's greatest surprise and God's greatest constant disguise, but you only know it to be true by going through it and coming out the other side yourself. You cannot know it by just going to church, reading scriptures, or listening to someone else talk about it, even if you agree with them."

~R. Rohr

Jay Lloyd, from Covenant Counseling and the Center for Executive Leadership on the need for Unbound Grace Ministries

Why is an addiction discipleship ministry needed? 

It is impossible to battle addiction in isolation, people are not intended to live in isolation or to struggle with life's challenges in isolation. Whether you are fresh out of rehab or you have recently made a solemn vow to quit -- alcohol, opioids, pills, etc. -- you need someone to fight with you. 

Fighting addiction can be confusing, overwhelming and scary. Nothing about it is easy. It is a lot like leaving the hospital for the first time with a baby. You have a sense of immense responsibility and know that, no matter your best intentions, you will make mistakes and need a lot of help along the way. 

I have fought addiction and been rescued by God's Unbound Grace. Recovery is a daily discipline and takes practice and support. It involves community, forgiveness and humility. Our goal is a life in recovery that is rooted in the promised hope of Christ. 


Unbound Grace works with individuals, families and ministries that are experiencing addiction. Our goal is freedom from addiction and restoration of hurt and broken relationships.

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