Why Unbound Grace?

I've been through the addiction struggle; it's never really completely over. I have experienced God's grace and healing. I want you to experience God's grace in the wilderness of addiction. The wilderness is a dry, lonely and desperate place, much like addiction. God's grace moves you from the wilderness and plants you next to a stream of water. 

A man can know all about giving birth but cannot share about the experience. It is similar with addiction. Knowledge is important, but when one can share a similar experience it adds a deeper dynamic to the conversation. 

My experience and education have equipped me to address addiction struggles. Part of the healing process is finding a safe place to share your story and learn what is helpful. Unbound Grace can be that safe place for you. The first step is to call and start the conversation. 

It's not as simple as some people think



knowing what to do and doing it are two different things

Understanding each persons struggle is more like telling someone about a poem or an impressionistic painting than an instruction manual. It is more complicated than providing a surface description. 

The graphic to the left is from the American Psychiatric Association. They paint a black and white picture of addiction that is logical, "don't do this" instead, "just do this." Dealing with addiction is so much more complicated than this chart.

Addressing addiction involves hearing the persons story, the ups and downs, the heartaches and joys. It also involves talking about how their story is part of a bigger story that has been going on since man and woman were in the Garden.